A little while ago my husband requested a pair of socks that weren't made from wool. (His feet are naturally warm, and wool socks are just too hot for him.) After looking around I found a perfect yarn for some socks. I chose Knitpicks Comfy Yarn in fingering weight which is 75% cotton and 25% acrylic. Cotton doesn't stretch like wool does, so the acrylic gives it that little bit of extra stretch. He picked out the Jalapeno colorway.

It's been a while since I have made socks for him and I always forget how much longer they take to make than socks for myself. Not to mention that his feet are extra wide, so I had to modify the pattern to make the feet wider.

I made them toe-up so I could try them on his feet as I went and so that I wouldn't have to worry about the possibility of running out of yarn by the time I got to the toe.

In the end, they seem to fit and he likes them. (Even after I made him put them on for pictures.) Yay!