Usually I only post about crafts here, but this post is about my brand new puppy "Lily". Lily is a 9.5 week-old Cardigan Welsh Corgi.

She was born on September 15th and looked like this (Lily is the 4th from the left):


My husband and I have been visiting her and her brothers and sisters since they were 3 weeks old.


7 weeks (Lily is top center):


On Thursday she was finally able to come home with us!

Sometimes she is a crazy dog


and sometimes she is a sleepy dog.


Her favorite napping place is under the chair.


Often she is a hungry dog


or a thirsty dog.



She LOVES to play (on her hand-knit blanket - see, there is still knitting involved in the post!)


and REALLY loves shoes (both eating them and sleeping with them).


She is a great puppy and we are so happy to have her home with us and be able to watch her grow up! Woof!