Maddy's Minion Hat

Way back before Halloween my brother and sister-in-law asked if I could make a minion hat for my niece for Halloween. Of course I couldn't turn them down as she is so much fun to make stuff for. I found this Minion hat pattern on etsy that seemed to be just what I was looking for.I even happened to have all the needed yarn in my stash leftover from other projects. I don't crochet much anymore since I over did it one time a few years ago to the point where my wrist really started hurting. Now every time I crochet the pain comes back and I have to be very careful to keep my crochet sessions short. Anyway, the baby hat was easy to break into short sessions and I still was able to finish it in a weekend. 20131029-210027.jpg

Looks good, right? Well I always run stuff like this through the washing machine before giving it away if for no other reason then to make sure it will survive. I have never had an item (that is machine washable) not survive the wash session until this hat. I took it out and there was a gaping hole in the top. Since it was crocheted from the top down I didn't see any way to repair this without ripping out the whole hat. Luckily I was able to salvage the eyes and bow.


Attempt #2 turned out pretty well also.


But nothing can compare to how cute the little girl wearing it was! :)