Shop Update - Direwolves

A new update went up in the shop! One of the earlier yarns that I dyed was a grey and yellow yarn called "Nymeria." Game of Thrones fans may recognize this as the name of Arya's direwolf. I decided that if I have Nymeria then I should make a colorway for the other 5 direwolves as well. Each of these new colors has a large amount of grey or white (depending on the color of the direwolf) and other colors that in some way represent the character in the story that the wolf belongs to. So, in this update I would like to introduce: 

Grey Wind - the green and brown represent the forest area where Robb can often be found. 

Lady - I wanted to use a red/pink color for lady both for Sensa's red hair and because she is very feminine. 

Summer - Summer is usually depicted as more of a brown color than the other wolves. This along with the brown color of Bran's hair in the TV show made me decide to go with brown as the main color in this yarn.  

Shaggy Dog - While Rickon doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the color blue I chose blue because he is the youngest boy in the family.  

Ghost - This skein was dyed half white for Ghost and half black and brown to represent Jon Snow.