The Post Christmas Post

Hope everyone had a happy holiday season! While we missed our families in Alaska we had a good, quiet Christmas and New Years. Lily and Rudy especially enjoyed having a tree in the house although it was a constant battle keeping them from tearing off branches to chew on (good thing they're cute!) 20140105-192034.jpg 

Last Christmas I made Lily her own little stocking so this year I thought that I should make Rudy a matching one.


He wanted to eat it and run around with it in his mouth so I guess he approves of it.


Other than the stocking my main Christmas knitting project was a pair of felted clogs for all the parents. The pattern is Felted Clogs by Bev Galeskas. I knit them in worsted weight Wool of the Andes on size 13 needles and then felted them in the washing machine. Before felting they were huge. This picture has one of my shoes on the left for comparison.


After felting they looked like this: ( I forgot to take post-felting pics of the pairs for my dad and my father-in-law)

20140105-192119.jpg 20140105-192127.jpg

The maroon colored pair was for my mom and the teal color for my mother-in-law. The black and orange was for my dad who is a Flyer's fan and the green and gold pair was for my father-in-law the Packer fan.

Happy New Year everyone!

Lily's First Christmas







This past Christmas was little Lily's first Christmas. (Yes, I realize that Christmas occurred an entire month ago and I am only just now posting this.) I decided that she needed to have a stocking to match the stockings that I made for Jason and myself a few years back. I used some old Red Heart Super Saver yarn that I have had hanging around since way back in high school. I just kind of winged the pattern. It's basically made like a sock that I would make for myself with a short row heel, but bigger yarn, bigger needles (I think I used US 6 needles) and a shorted foot section.




The paw print was a free chart on Ravelry as was the snowflake pattern. For her name I used a cross-stitch program that I have. It doubles pretty well for making knitting charts. The hardest part in making this stocking was keeping Lily from helping. She seems to love yarn almost as much as I do - which isn't exactly a good thing.





In the end, the whole family had matching stockings.



I don't think Lily really cared about her stocking, though. She was having too much fun playing in the snow!