Playful Stripes

It has been busy, busy, busy around here lately. My husband finished his PhD and was offered a job. I'm so proud of him! This also meant a move to the Portland area for us. We wanted to be able to stay in the Pacific Northwest and it is so nice to be near a big city again. Not to mention that there are TONS of yarn stores in Portland. I'm so excited to go explore and find out which are my favorites. Once we get settled I plan on trying to update the blog more often. We have been flying around the country visiting family. Had an awesome  (but extremely hot) time in Florida with my grandma and are now hanging out back home with our parents.

Right now the majority of my yarn is packed in boxes along with my spinning wheel, drum carder and loom. I kept out enough yarn for a few pairs of socks, a shrug. This seems like it will be a good amount of yarn until I can unpack my boxes. Once I get back I will show you pictures but in the mean time I have a project to show you from my backlog of projects waiting to go on the blog.

This was designed by one of my favorite designers- Alana Dakos. I am also a huge fan of her podcast "Never Not Knitting." The pattern is called Playful Stripes and it is super cute. It also ranges in size from newborn to 8 years which is nice.

I mostly used Knit Picks Brava sport weight yarn because it is acrylic and easy to wash. The great thing is that you can use small amounts of leftover yarn for the stripes. The yellow stripe happens to be some leftover Cascade 220 superwash from the flower sweater that I made earlier.

The color quality of the next 2 pictures is horrible, but you can get an idea of the construction. It was knit from the bottom up. First the body then the 2 sleeves. Then the stitches are knit across up to where the arm joins, arm stitches are knit onto the same needle then this is repeated for the second sleeve.

I kept knitting in the stripe pattern up to the top while decreasing. Then ends needed to be woven in and arm seams needed to be sewn up.

Also, the picco trim on the bottom and sleeves needed to be sewn. It started off looking like this:

Then changed to this:

Finally, a button band needed to be knit

and buttons attached.