Charity Squares

Recently I had decided that I needed to start using up some of my yarn stash. I was thinking about making hats or scarves for charity, but something else just happened to fall into my lap. Last week I saw that my local yarn shop was collecting squares for KasCare. Basically, this charity collects 8 inch by 8 inch squares. Then they sew them together and give them to AIDS orphans. The yarn shop has put a twist on this idea and is doing a competition between the two local schools. They want the squares to be in either WSU colors (crimson and grey) or UI colors (silver, gold and black). Since I graduated from UI, but work at WSU and have yarn in the colors of both schools in my stash, I decided to make some squares for each school. WSU:


The shop is collecting squares up until October 15, so I plan on making as many as I can with the yarn leftovers that I have. This charity is always looking for squares and their goal for 2011 is 170,000 squares. So, if anyone else out there has extra yarn, you can always consider making some squares and sending them in!