Hats Galore

This weekend I have been working on lots of hats! I had a few requests from people and needed to get going on them. The first one is a much smaller version of a hat that I have made many times for lots of people. I didn't exactly know how I was going to modify the pattern to make it go from adult size to baby, but it turned out to have a simple solution. All I had to do was use a much smaller crochet hook and I didn't have to change the number of stitches at all. Here is the finished product on my little model:


And here are a few that show the pattern a little better:


I have also been waiting for some yarn to come in the mail to start on some sets for a pair of twin boys. Luckily, the box came yesterday so I could get started.

Eventually there will be hats, booties and blankets. They will all be in green and yellow, but the main color of each set will be different. Here's what I have so far:


I will post the matching booties and blankets as soon as they are done!