In threes... again

Welcome to my new blog and website! My husband and I have been working hard on getting this site up and running and I'm excited to be making the first blog post in the new location. 

This pattern has been one of my favorites lately. I have posted about this pattern before, but is is called in threes: a baby cardigan by Kelly Hendrich. I made one for a co-worker and another for my niece (I just went to link to the blog of my niece and discovered that I never actually published it. oops! It will be appearing at some point in the future.) 

For this sweater I used my Lilliput Yarn in the "Sasha" colorway. I held the yarn double since the pattern calls for a worsted weight yarn and my yarn is fingering weight. It worked out pretty well and I was able to make the 0-6 month size out of just one ball of yarn. 


This one happens to have been knit for another co-worker and was given to her at her baby shower. She seemed to like it and it ended up getting passed around the circle of guests so that everyone could check it out. 

I like how it turned out so much that I am actually knitting an identical one to use as a sample of how the yarn knits up. 

My Little Helper

I am almost done with the little baby top that I showed you last time I posted - it just needs buttons. Yesterday I washed it and pinned it out to dry. 20130224-182244.jpg 20130224-182316.jpg

(The picture of the back side is more true to color than the first picture.)

Lily was very interested in the whole process and especially liked the smell of the wet wool. It made me laugh that, while I went to work on other things, she stayed by the sweater. She just liked to lay next to it like she was helping it to dry or something.

20130224-182259.jpg 20130224-182251.jpg

She kept getting up, walking around, then going back to the sweater. What a funny little dog!

While she was "helping" the sweater to dry, I was winding some skeins of yarn into balls. (She loves to watch the ball winder, too.)

I got them all wound, and here's a sneak peak at my next project:



Thanks so much for all the great feedback on Lilliput Yarn! I hear that some of it has even sold already. Pretty exciting! In other news, I recently found out that I'm going to be an aunt! My brother and his wife are expecting a baby this August and I'm super excited! I can't stop looking at knitting and crochet patterns for everything baby (much to the annoyance of my husband). Blankets, hats, sweaters, you name it. So, I'm sure there will be much baby knitting happening soon, especially once they find out if it's a girl or a boy. If anyone out there has any favorite baby patterns feel free to share them with me.

I have also started a baby cardigan for someone else we know who recently had a baby girl. The pattern is in threes: a baby cardigan by Kelly Hendrich. I am using Pico Accuardi Dyworks yarn in the "Burnt Candy" colorway on size 8 needles.



Last night I also got all my pictures framed that are going to go on the walls in my craft room. Along with the 4 shown below I have a huge picture of Paris that is black and white except for the Eiffel Tower which is lit up. I can't wait to finish getting my craft room set up and hang  my pictures.